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January 27, 2014

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Elder Kenneth Wm. Burton –Another week

Bunch of Burtons

Monday again, the days are all starting to just fly by. Its scary and exciting at the same time.

So this morning we spent the before noon, as Danes say, shoveling snow. It was actually a lot of fun, brought back memories thats for sure. The main differences were first of all i was using a wooden snow shovel. I was going to take a picture, but forgot. It made it pretty hard because the whole time I was woried I was going to shatter the entire thing. The other big difference is the cobble stone. You know when your shoveling snow and you run into the crack between the sections of sidewalk and you shovel stops dead and you run into the handle. And its really anoying. Well imagine that evey few inches. With a wooden shovel that could brake at any moment. We finaly found brooms worked much better, so we just used small push brooms for the rest of the job. Anyway thats why we're a little late emailing, we had to move our whole squedual back. It snowed though so its ok!
This week we took a District activity to a Viking ship burial and musium. We coordinated it with the Odense 2 District so it was a lot of fun having all twelve missionaries there. The viking ship is the most intact viking ship found in the world. It was filled with the bones of four dogs and eleven horses, the property of the viking who was buried with his ship. I dont know why, but I had always imagined viking ships to have been at least a little bigger. There was a hand built replica that was about half way compleated that was pretty cool. When its finnished it should be sea worthy.

After we went to an American styled restoraunt called Bones. It was crazy the cheepest thing on the menu other than starters was 135 danish kr. I usually spend about 200 each week on food. At least the food was good though. And its not often you are fed steak in Denmark.

So Danes are very particular when it comes to eating. A few examples from eating apointments: when using a fork you always use your left hand and have a knife in the right to scoop food onto the fork, no stabbing with the fork. No one takes the last piece of whatever the food is unless the host offers it to someone. With open faced sandwitches meat and cheese can never go together, but jelly on cheese is really common. One of my favorites... butter is used in thick amounts on sandwitches instead of mayo. Drinks are always offered to guests/ visitors, although I've only been given watter by someone mabey twice sence I've been here. Its always soda or saft which is a syrupy liquid that you mix with water, a lot like cool aid except not a powder.

I'm starting to understand Danish when I read it. Everyday at the begining of companioship study we read a few pages out of the White Hand Book på Dansk. We each read a paragraph then I go back through and translate each paragraph into English. Im getting to be able to understand probably 80% ish, it kind of vairies on what we are reading about, but its exciting. And Im getting a lot better at pronouncing as well. Then we go outside and of cource its a compleatly different story. Ah well at least I can see its progressing in some ways.

We were out knocking doors the other day and we knocked into this old lady named Birthe Mari. She took a Mormons Bog (Book of Mormon) and we set up an lesson with her for this next Thursday to come teach her about it. Then we asked if it would be okay if we could bring a member with us. If we are visiting a single women, or with the sisters a single man we have to have someone else with us. But she backed off and said she had a fear of strangers and new people so she didnt want anyone else to show up, and she canceled the lesson we had just made. Kind of disapointing, but we're going to set up a time with the sister missionaries so we can introduce them to her and mabey let them take over teaching her. It would make it a lot easier for them because they dont have to worry about having a member/ stranger there for every lesson.

Well, Im running low on time, Thanks for all the love and suport! I love you all! Have a fantastic week!

Mange Kærlighed

-Ældste Ken Burton

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