Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6, 2014

Email January 6, 2014 – New Year’s Week

Elder Kenneth Wm. Burton

Bunch of Burtons

I feel like my mind goes blank everytime I sit down to write emails or letters. It feels like we hardly did anything all week until you really start thinking about it.

New Years Eve-

Crazy! The whole day went normal like anyother day, but that night was awesome. We went over to the Ridel's house for dinner and stayed until after midnight playing games and watching fire works. There house was a little out of the city so we were able to look out over the city and watch the fire works. Ive never seen so many fireworks in the last 18 yrs put together. The main portion lasted for a good two hours at least, comming from every direction. And that isnt counting the hours and days of fire works leading up to it. Not quite as many but still a lot. We watched this one guy a few days before New Years walk out his front door and shoot a buch out over the houses. If we hadn't gone to bed so late it probably would have been hard to fall asleep that night because of all the fireworks still going off. The entire city sounded like a war zone. 

The next morning we got to sleep in until 9.00 so we got a normal amount of sleep. Then after study we spent six hours scrubbing the walls in our apartment for mold. We sprayed everything down with bleach, then sat scrubbing at it forever. Some spots were so stained it didnt make much of a difference. Ill include before and after pictures of the walls. There was this one spot behind a poster that looks just like the Danish flag except that its made out of mold. We were able to kind of reorganize some of the furniture after so now we have a lot more room, and it feels a lot nicer in the apartment. Im just worried that the walls will grow back. We've decided if they do we'll let President know and see if mabey a new apartment can be found. Our land lord came in a few days ago, after we had cleaned, and was swearing all over about how unhealthy it was. He should have seen it before...

Thursday Ældste Hinrichs had to go to København for a leadership meeting so I was on splits with Ældste Mogensen (spelling?) from Bornholm Danmark. Friday morning we took a bus ride for an hour down to Svendborg for a service project, where we worked with the elders down there hauling lumber for this guy who has been trying to live compleatly off the grid. He has his own water and electricity. His house is really cool the roof was made of this thick layer of braches or something and is covered in moss. The roof should last about 50 to 60 years before it has to be remade, and nothing ever gets through it.

After the service project he made us this amaizing soup for luch. Before I started eating though I tried this hot pepper, which for the first min or so it wasnt bad at all then my mouth got so hot I litterally couldnt keep it closed because the heat kept building. Then I tried the hot soup and that just made everything worse. I ended up just sitting there drinking juice for a good twenty min before I was able to get any soup into my mouth. But then I was full of juice so it was hard to eat very much soup. Which was kind of sad sence the soup was amaizing.

They have this bacon stuff here called bacon i tern, which is basicly cubed bacon that makes the best bacon bits Ive ever had, we had some the other night with green beans at dinner and it was really good. Then we also had some in this soup Ældste Hinrichs made called Burning Love Soup. I cant believe we didnt have it back it the states.

I hope everyone had an great New Years, and I wish you luck on your resolutions. Thanks for all the letters from everyone! Oh and mom I did get the package with my retainer in the MTC thanks for sending all the candy with it. Oh and Gus! I finally got your birthday card sent, the post office was closed last week for Christmas and New Years so I couldnt get any stamps. Sorry its so late.

Mange Kærlighed,

Ældste Ken Burton

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