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January 20, 2014

Email January 20, 2014

Elder Kenneth Wm. Burton
Week . . . actually I can’t remember maybe 5 or 6.

Bunch of Burtons

Well, where to begin?

The mold is already on its way back... the walls are more gray than they were after we cleaned. We talked to President though and he said they'll start looking for a new apartment. We'll see how long that takes though. It could be a while.

This weeks been great! We've started meeting med (with) a girl named Michelle, who's been comming to chuch for about eight months now and has wanted to get baptised. There has been a lot of confusion though because she lives in the Seccond Ward boundries and has been comming to First Ward, so no one new who was sopose to teach her and which ward she could be baptised into. Eventually we just started giving her the lessons, and there going great. We havnt set up a baptisimal date yet because she is trying to figure out when it would work best to have family make it. I think she has a relative down in Germany who is a member who she wants to baptise her, and she wants to work out a time that they can make it. 

Wednesday night the Zone leaders Ældste VanDenBerghe og Ældste Lindstrom came over for zone leader splits. They stayed the night in our apartment then we split up the next day. I went with Ældste Lindstrom and got a little better at contacting. The biggest problem or hardest part with street contacting is that about 85% of the time you start saying something or you introduce yourself and you just get a Nej! and they walk away. Then 10% of the time you say "Hi, Vi er missionær for Jesu Kristi Kirke" and you expect them to walk away, but they stand there and look at you like their interested. And all of a sudden you have no idea what your going to say next, becouse this never happens, so you blurt out something like "Vi har budskabe om Jesu Kristus for dig" (we have a message about Jesus Christ for you) or "Tro du på Gud?" (Do you believe in God?) and then they say Nej and walk away. Then the other 5% of the time you get past the seccond line and you really dont know what to say or worse you dont know how to say it. so you just turn to your companion and hope they were paying atention the whole time. Then they take it from there.

There was this one guy though who switched to English after I asked if he believed in God. "No im an atheiest (spelling?)" he said, and I thought "English!". I then was able to invite him to lessons to see why we believe there is a God, and gave him a Frelsesplan (plan of salvation) pamphlet. Which hopefully he didnt just throw away. I can't wait until my Danish is good enough to have full conversations on the street.

Friday we took a train to Copenhagen for our one month training. It was actually a lot of fun we got lost for a little bit trying to figure out where to find a bus to take us from the train station to the chuch. When we finally figured it out (the AP's wouldnt come pick us up for some reason) we were fashionably late to the meeting. It was fun to see all the Elders from the MTC again and to here all of their adventures. It was kind of like when Alma the younger ran into the sons of Mosiah again after a while out being missionaries. He said he was filled with joy to see they were still his brothers in the Lord (or something along those lines). It was the same thing for us. We had all spent the last month serving the Lord and working hard to bring the Danish folk to repentance, and it was a joy to see how each of us have grown through the Lord. Everyone seemed so focused and diligent. Ældste Christensen and his companion had a baptism that night. And every one else had cool stories of their own.

We then got to go to the temple! På Dansk! (in danish) The new video hasnt been translated into Danish yet so I was able to see the old video for the first time. And I was able to understand most of what was said. It was pretty cool.

I lost one of my name tags today, the magnetic one that I had on my coat. When we were at the store I glanced down and noticed it was gone and we werent able to find it anywhere. Ill need to order a new one. The pocket name tags are a little hard to put onto a coat or sweater, or anything other than a pocket really.

Almost out of time, Thanks for all the letters this week! Love you all!

Mange Kærlighed!

Ældste Burton

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