Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26, 2014

Email May 26, 2014 – Elder Kenneth Wm. Burton - Skagen!!!!

Bunch of Burtons

The week started out with Skagen! At the very tip of Denmark you can see the two oceans colliding.
It was pretty cloudy the day we went so you cant really see it very well in the photos though. As you walk the beach up to the tip though there are a tone of half buried bunkers from World War 2, most of them were sealed off, but we were able to find a way inside of one and it was pretty cool. I'll attach photos. I found a star fish right on the tip of Skagen. I had taken off my shoes and walked out a little ways and the star fish floated right past. I took it home and dried it out.

On the walk up to Skagen this guy from Switzerland stopped in a motor-home on his way up and offered us a ride. On the way we talked to him a little about how we were missionaries from the LDS church and he told us about how he had been in contact with missionaries before. As we got out of the car I dropped a Mormons Bog next to the seat and realized a second to late that he didn't speak Danish. Hope fully he will be currious enough to find a Swiss Book of Mormon. Either way though it reminded me to start having with me both a Danish and English Book of Mormon no matter where I am. I had been taking both with me for a while, but had recently stopped taking the English book. I hope now I am prepared for the next time a situation happens where I need and English Book of Mormon.

I really like the goal we set as a zone this last month for trying to get three baptismal invites a week. Just the fact that there was a goal for it and that it was in the back of my head reminded me multiple times this week to invite others to be baptized. One was this girl from Israel who is staying at Gregs place for a month. He's the one who we do service for every week. We were painting the outside of Gregs house and was asking questions about the church so I ended up teaching the whole first lesson. At one point with the way the conversation was going it worked in perfectly to ask if she ever found out if our church was true if she would be baptized. And she said she would if it was true. She's Jewish but doesn't completely believe it. She seemed to like what we told her about our beliefs. Because she's only here for a month and becouse shes from Israel Im not sure how far she'll go, but it was a great experience

Elder Horrocks is leaving next week. We just got transfer calls and he's going to Bornholm! He was literally jumping up and down he was so excited. He's been here in Frederikshavn for about six months now and has helped this area grow so much while he has been here. Its going to be weird having him leave. I only had five weeks to learn the area, hopefully I know it well enough. Elder Hauks is going to be my next companion. Ill write more about him once I meet him. All I know is he's a short red head.

I found a new favorite meal. Chicken hearts. We saw a bunch at the store the other day and Elder Horrocks kept talking them up so much I had to try them. They were so good! We breaded them then deap fried them, sprinkled on some salt and lemon juice. Wow they were good! everyone should try some. You can also boil them and then pour lemon or lime juice down the little valve things and their way good to. A little more rubbery though.

I hope your all doing great! Have a great week! Happy Birthday Brigham!
Meget Kærlighed!

-Elder Kenneth Burton

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