Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5, 2014

Email May 5, 2014 – Elder Kenneth Wm. Burton - Mormon 9:21

Bunch of Burtons

Happy Star Wars Day yesterday! And May the fourth be with you!

Great  week! We were so busy, I dont think we stoped moving once. We had a ton of service oportunities this week, Friday and Saturday were both spent in service clothes. Every Friday we go to Gregs house and spend the day doing service for him, this week we built a pizza oven out of clay and brick and then made some amaizing pizzas in it the next day. Ill try and send pictures, right now I cant figure out how to get them off my camera, this is a pretty old computer.

 Gregs house is a great oportunity for missionary work other than just service. He has "roofers" stay at his house from all over, people who are touring Europe or just need a place to stay. He feeds and houses them in return for temporary work. Right now he has a girl from South Africa, a guy from France, and a girl from Maryland staying at his place. As we do service around his place we get a lot of questions asked about the chuch from them and Gregs family. It alows a relaxed friendly inviroment where everyone is comfortable asking and learning more.

Twice this week I've walked into the most discusting house I've ever seen. This member is a horder, or a pack rat. He litterally has piles of garbage piled to the ceiling with only one path through. What makes it worse is that he has a German Shepard that sheds like crazy and has been doing so for the last ten or so years without any of it being picked up. All the owner does is kicks it out of the way, creating pillows of dog hair all along the edge of the mounds of garbage. He has to leave the door open whenever we go over so that we dont get gassed out. He's the member who will be comming to the chuch with us to skype home on sunday, and Im praying he wont invite us over for dinner after. Aparently missionaries always have to try and pick out dog hair from the meals he makes for them. I wouldnt touch that kitchen... with a twenty yard and a half foot pole. (Grinch reference:)

We're teaching a partially deaf girl right now. Until a few years ago she was compleatly deaf and got a surgery that has given her most of her hearing. Its a little hard though. She still doesnt understand much spoken language and her own speach is very broken so comunication is a little tough. She has a baptisimal date for the 17th this month, but it might be push back a little because its going pretty slow, all in the Lords time. Right now we're trying to figure out ways to teach her in a way thats more simple to understand.

Cant wait to talk to you on Sunday!
Meget Kærlighed!

Elder Ken Burton

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