Monday, May 5, 2014

Thoughts of Grandma Erva

Mom & Dad!

Yes, we were knocking doors when President called and gave us the news.  It was interesting because I'd had such a rough morning concentrating and staying focused but when the news came I had just barely finished bearing my testimony of the plan of salvation to a young man who opened his door.  I felt so much peace!   I know that it is all true.  We will live together again and we have a Heavenly Father who loves us so very much.

It was a wonderful experience to be able to finish out the day with Grandma Erva's spirit in my heart.  I thought of how often we went over to find her sweeping snow in a deep storm.  I thought of her testimony that she wrote to me on little index cards throughout my mission.  I thought of her tying a plastic bag over my hair when I was a little girl before we went out in the rain.  Spray butter and white bread toast.  Music.  So many memories.  

I had one thought, "Ah, but she won't meet my children!"  Until I realized that she probably already has, and that she is up there doing the same exact same work I'm doing here.  She is as diligent and loving as ever.

Those thoughts carried the day, and it was a day of miracles.  I love my Grandma Erva very much.  Thanks for sending the obituary and Dad, the picture!  It means alot.  I'm so glad that you are all doing well and that you were able to be there with her as she left.



Hey fam,

President called me Friday morning with the news about Grandma Erva passing. Right at the begining of personal study. I was able to use the rest of my studies to write down memories of Grandma. A few things that stood out... Playing tic-tac-toe on that blue pillow she had when we were little. And there was the piano bench full of coloring books and pencils. I remember sitting with Grandma out on the old porch swing. All the times we would mow her lawn and she would come out with popsicles after. 

I am so greatful for Christ and his atonement for us, that we and those we love can rise again. Because of him the end has been taken away. We will see Grandma Erva again. I can picture her right now hand in hand with Grandpa, smiling! 

Thanks for sending the obituary and photo! It brought more memories of all the stories her and Grandpa told. 

Love, Elder Burton

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