Monday, December 21, 2015

Email December 21, 2015

Email December 21,2015 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton

Well it finally happened, Maria got baptized!! It´s been kind of a long process, we went though 5 different dates for the service but saturday it happened. And it was amazing! We only had 9 people come to the service which was a little sad after we spent all week commiting the whole ward to come, but thats alright. The spirit was super strong, and Maria was so happy. I know that she was prepared for this step in her life and that it will bless her immensly. She asked me to perform the baptism which was an honor. Great day for everyone, one that I will never forget.

On thursday I had a training meeting with the other district leaders in Banfield so we did divisions and spent the night there while my comp, Elder Barrantes, took on the area with another new elder from utah. They both only have about a month and a half in the mission so we were interested to see how they did. And they did great! We came back from the training and my comp informed me that they had found two new investigators and set baptisimal dates for both. Pretty cool, he did a great job, I´m pround of him. We passed by those investigators the other day and now they told us that they don´t really want anything to do with us after all which is too bad. But hey, it was still good. 

We did find another new investigator this week who is super solid! His name is Diego and he´s 12 years old. He´s living here for the next few months with his grandma and dad who are both inactivmembers. But Diego is doing great, he came to church yesterday with his grandma and seemed to really enjoy it. We have a baptisimal date set for him for the 9th of January. We´ll see how things go.

I´ve really been trying to put into practice more the scripture in DyC 6:36. "Look to me i every thought, doubt not, fear not." I love that scipture. It´s so simple yet so powerful. If really put our trust and faith in Christ, we have nothing to doubt or fear. He is our rock. Perfect, strong, and always there. He truely is a perfest foundation to build apon. I´m grateful for the christmas season when we can try a little harder to "look to him in every thought". He was born for us. He died for us. And he is there for us.

I Hope everyone has a great christmas! Feliz Navidad! I love you all.

Les quiero, Elder Burton 

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