Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Email December 9, 2015

Email December 9, 2015 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton
3 minutes in the eyes of God

Wow, where did this week go. I know this week was actually a week and a half but it feels more like a day and a half. Reminds me of a quote that one of our zone leaders used yesterday in our zone meeting. Something like "In the eyes of God and in the eternal scheme of things, a mission of two years is only about three minutes long." Three minutes. I have three mintues, less now, to give everything I can to my god and sharing his gospel. That is seriosly nothing. When you look at it that way it realy makes every second so important. There is no time to waste.

This week I ponderized Alma 57:27. I don´t know how it goes exactly in english, but something like this:

"And this was the faith of those that I have spoken; They are youth, and their minds are firm, and they fut their trust in God continualy."

Kinda a rough translation but it´s close I think. I like that in spanish the word trust is the same as confidence. Put you faith and confidence in God continualy. This is something I´m trying to work on. If I continualy and always put my trust in him I have nothing to fear and will always do those things that he would have me do. In the scriptures "confiar" is defined as to depend absolutly in something. As we depend absolutly in God, he will guide us to be and do what he needs us to be and do

We went through the temple this week as a zone! It was incredible as always, the temple here is so beautiful. It was cool to do in in spanish too. I love the temple.

Maria is doing great! We visited her last week with a member and gave her a blessing of health. We set a new baptisim date for the 19 of this month. We´re praying that all goes well. This week we had a noche de hogar with an hermana in our ward and invited Lucas and his family! They all came, his wife too who up to this point hadn´t wanted anything to do with the church. So hopefully it helped spark some more interest, I felt like it was a pretty succesful night. They didn´t come to church again this week though which was sad.

Great week, I hope everyone is doing well at home! Have a great week!

Les quiero, Elder Burton

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