Monday, January 11, 2016

Email January 11, 2016

Email January 11, 2016 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton

Another great week here in Rafael Castillo like always. It was definitely a little slow, we had very few appointments this week and those that we did have pretty much all fell through which was too bad. It was a great week for contacting though which is always fun. I never will stop being surprised at how much the spirit really guides your words as long as we just have the courage to open our mouths. Once your mouth is open the spirit can fill it. The Key is getting it open. I´ve found that the hardest part of contacting is just getting up the courage to do it. Which reminds me of a quote that my sister said in the beginning of her mission: " The thing with courage is that the passage of time doesn´t stregthen it, it weakens it." It´s so true. The less you think and worry about dificult things the easier they are. Put your trust in God and fear not.

I had divisions this week with an Elder in my district named Elder Bautista from Mexico. It was a great intercambio and I feel like I learned a lot from it. That is one thing that I have really like so far about being district leader, the intercambios every week. I love seeing the new areas and getting new ideas. Everytime I come back from an intercambio I feel refilled with ideas for my area and my spanish always feels better to. Which is the point of the intercambios, I'm glad that they´ve been so succesful. 

Diegos baptism is this saturday! He has progressed so much! At the beginning of the week we had a lesson with him that was terrible. We don´t really know why, but he was super unfocused and when we finished and asked him to pray he just got up and walked out which was a huge shock to us. We had no idea what happened. SO that day we talked a lot about him and prayed for lots of inspiration. We got an idea to start playing games with him at the beginning and end of every lesson. So the next lesson we brought water ballons ad had a waterballoon fight in the befinning. It was super fun, but the great part was that I have never seen Diego so animated and energized during the lesson. He was 20 times better. It has een the same with every lesson we´ve had since, which is 3. Everytime we start with a quick game, and everytime he is super excited for the lesson and he participates a ton. I definitly know that we recieved revalation for him. We didn´t know what he needed but the spirit did. All we had to do was listen. I´me excited for the baptism this week, should be great.

I hope everyone is doing well back at home and has a great week! Thanks for everything.

Les quiero, Elder Burton

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