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Email January 25, 2016

Email January 25, 2016 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton
Gods Humor

I think that God probably has a pretty good sence of humor and he likes to laugh. Sometimes I wonder if he asks us to do things in this life not only so that we can learn and grow but also so that he can get a good laugh as he watches us do it.

Friday night I recieved a call from our mission president which I had been expecting because its the end of the transfer. The call went something like this: Presidente: " Elder Burton, how are you?" Me: "Great president, and you?" President:"Very good, Elder Burton, the Lord has decided to make a change in you asignment here in this mission, are you ready to here what it is? Me: Yes president, I´m super excited to find out where I´ll be serving." President: "Alright Elder Burton, the Lord has asigned you to serve in the zone Longchamps as zone leader." Me: "........................."    

Thats the point where I´m pretty sure God got a pretty good laugh. My spanish went out the window and president had to keep repeating his next sentences so I´d understand haha, kinda embarassing. So yeah, thats my transfer. I´m now here in the area of Alejandro Korn in the zone Lonchamps. My new comp is Elder Cortez from Chile and is an awesome missionary. He has 15 months in the mission and is 21 years old. I´m super excited and grateful for this new asighnment and I know I´m going to learn a ton. And I´m pretty sure God is gonna get some good laughs as he watches me do it ;)

Alejandro Korn is way differnet than my last area. Lots of open feilds and it´s way calmer and safer which is nice. It´ll be fun to get to know the people here and to serve them and my zone.

Nobody ever told me how hard it would be to leave an area. I hadn´t realized how much I´d grow to love the peopleof Rafael Castillo Central. Maybe it´s just cause it was my first area. Yesterday was one of the happiest and hardest days of my life as I said goodbye and felt the spirit testify to me that I´d done good work in that area. I´m so grateful for my time there. I saw more tears and heard more laughter yesterday than probably any day of my life. What a great day full of friendship and love. I know God is here with these people in Argentina and he loves them incredibly. As he does everyone in the world.

I hope everyone has a great week! Thanks for everything.

Les quiero, Elder Burton

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