Monday, May 23, 2016

Email May 23, 2016

Email May 23, 2016 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton
Early to bed, early to rise

Another good week in Alejandro Korn! It was kind of a weird week too, I don´t really know why. Recently we have had a ton of exchanges to do with the missionaries in our zone, 2 every week. It´s been awesome, I´ve learned a ton from all the great missionaries in the zone. But also I feel like we haven´t been able to really focus in our own area like we should. But thats alright, we´re just learning to balance it all out a little bit.

In the mission we are always talking about obedience. I think we do it in life in general too a ton. We talk about the importance to obey the comandments for several reasons, the two of which are the most common in my opinion are because we´ve made covenants to keep them and because we love our father in heaven and keep the commandments out of our love for him. In the mission we have been focusing a ton of these two reasons to keep the commandments and obey the mission rules. And they are super good reasons to be obedient. But a thought that I had this morning during my study is that often we forget the reason why God gives us these comandments. Every commandment that God gives us is for our own benefit. Without exception I beleive. It is when we keep them that we are happier and become more like him. 

A good example of this is waking up early. In the mission we have the rule that we must wake up at 6:30 every morning. I read a told this morning that totally changed my perspective of this rule. It talked about the reasons why it is so good for us to go to bed early and wake up early. Especially it testified about the fact that we are more spiritually in tune in the morning and is the best time of the day to recieve personal revalation. Obviosly that is something we need I need in the mission. Reading that talk showed me the reasons why it is important to wake up early and now I have much more incentive to do it because I no how much it helps me. Now it´s more than just a rule to obey but it´s a step to blessings recieved. I beleive that its the same with all the commandments and things that God has asked us to do. Focus and why God gives us these commandments and when we understand that, its so much easier to obey.

Well I don´t have much more to write. Nothing to crazy or exciting happened this week. But it was a good week :)

Thanks for everything, I hope everyone has a great week!

Les quiero, Elder Burton

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