Monday, July 4, 2016

Email July 4, 2016

Email July 4, 2016 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton
Happy 4th of July!!!!!!

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!! If there is one thing that I´ve learned from living in a different country for one year, it´s that I am so blessed to be an american. There are a lot of things that you just kinda take for granted until it´s not there haha. So I hope everyone enjoys this day to celebrate our amazing country and see the many blessings that are around you.

So it was kind of a crazy week. On wednesday we met our new mission president and his wife. It went super well! I think the best words I could use to descibe them would be excited, and business. President Calquin is definitly a business man and he´s ready to put what he knows into practice here in the mission. It should be pretty interesting to see all the changes that happen, I think it will be really good. This wednesday we have a leadership council with him, so I´m sure that will be cool. I´ll let you know how that goes next week. But I´m excited, he´s  gonna be great  to work with. 

This was kinda a week of sickness for me and my comp. Elder Thomas spent about two days throwing up and then I got pink yeah, it was a pretty rough week in that way. But we´re up and running again so it should be a good last week here. We are for sure going to be moved out of the area next week because president decided he wants to put sister missionaries here. But it should be really good for the area, and I´m excited to take what I´ve learned here to another area.

Last Friday was officialy my one year mark in the mission! Pretty crazy, it´s gone super fast. I´ve learned a ton in the last year an I´m super excited to learn even more in the year to come.

I hope everyone has a great week, Thanks for everything! I Love you guys.

Les quiero, Elder Burton

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