Monday, April 24, 2017

Email April 24, 2017

Email April 24, 2017 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton
That awkward walk to the front

You know that moment when you get to sacrament meeting late and the only available remaining seats are the first and second rows? Then you have to make that long, awkward walk past everyone as they watch you come in late and take your seat in front. I'm pretty sure that's a walk that everyone has experienced at least a few times in life. Yesterday it happened to me and my comp...but this time it wasn't awkward, but glorious, because we had with us  a family of seven :) Yep, our investigators the Puegher family came to church yesterday! They got there about 20 minutes late but it was even better that way I think because everyone saw them walk in. You should have seen the look on all the members faces when they saw this amazing family, you would have thought that a group of angels had walked into the chapel. Even the bishop got up to the pulpit after they had sat down just to welcome them to the ward. It was awesome, and they loved it. Right after sacrament meeting the members basically attacked the family with love. They stayed for all the meetings and were so happy at the end. The kids didn't even want to leave. It was awesome, we had a few lessons with them this week and we were able to set a baptism date for the 6th of May which is great! We are so excited for them, I pray constantly that they will be able to keep progressing. Families are the best :)
 It was a great week, very busy like always. We are pretty much done planning the transfers that will take place next week. Now we just have to figure out all the transportation details.

We found another way cool family that we are trying to teach. The parents aren´t very interested but the kids are. The oldest son, whos 13, literally came running after us the other day after we had finished talking with his mom  on the doorstep. He was yelling "Wait, wait!! I have a question!!!" He caught up to us and asked: "What sense does life have?" What a great question! It was already really late so we promised him that we would tell him on Sunday at church if he came and he agreed readily. Unfortunately he didn't show up, we don't know why. But we are excited to be able to answer his question one day soon. The Lord is guiding us to great people :) I love this work.

I hope everyone has a great week! I love you all!

Con mucho amor, Elder Burton

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