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Email March 16, 2015

Email March 16, 2015 – Elder Kenneth Wm. Burton

Bunch of Burtons

Argentina! Another two years without seeing Ike, its worth it because the Lord is in it.

I'll start out with a story. Hopefully I explain it well so its not to confusing. On exchanges this last Wednesday Elder Zenger and I got to an appointment a little early so we wandered around the block for a few minutes looking for something to do for 20 minutes. We began knocking an apartment building, one of the doors an older man answers. I make a comment that I like the ring of his door bell, because it was a song, and he closes the door with no comment. Disappointed we start walking down the stairs. The door behind us opens back up and the older gentleman motions for us to come back, then he disappears into his apartment. We follow him in, kind of confused, and there is a woman sitting on a couch reading a text on her phone. We sit down and she goes on to read us a text, a friend of hers had just passed away from cancer. In tears she describes to us that he was the fourth friend in the last two months she's had pass away. All she knows is that God has his reasons, but that she is confused about why it was them that was taken.

We explained we had an appointment we needed to get to but we would be more than happy to come back right after and talk with her about Gods plan for us. Our apointment ended up not being home giving us more time to visit with Lotte. We got back to her apartment and now there was a young girl named Liv and another man named Christian. John was the older man who first answered the door. All the adults were moving around the apartment busy, so we sat on the couch and started talking to Liv. One of the most interesting conversations. We found out she is 11 years old, even though she looks around 7 or 8, but the way she talked was like she was in her 20's. She told us about her life in school, different things going on, and then began barring testimony of Christ and how much He has had an impact in her life, and how much she knows Him to live. We talked with the family for a little bit longer, talking about faith in Christ, and then we had to go to get to another appointment.

Our next appointment was with Erik, a recent convert who feeds us once a week. Before we had even taken our shoes off he was telling us about an experience he had the night before when his neighbor had taken him to visit someone he knew. Had something to do with jewelry. Erik had been there for three hours into the night and at one point felt prompted to talk about his faith with these people. Erik then excitedly told us how he was pouring out his testimony to them without our help. "I didn't even need you!" he explained. Erik's only been a member for a few months. Anyway, a few things he mentioned sounded very familiar, and all of a sudden it clicked. He was describing the very family we had just knocked into! Very exciting, not something that happens every day. Erik is going to try to offer them a ride to church, because they had shown interest in coming. Unfortunately they hadn't been able to yesterday, but there is still next week. We'll be going by again later today to visit them.

Its always exciting to see oneself at the right place at the right time. When we're meant to be there.

Britte is doing well. She now has a goal to read through First Nephi one chapter a day. She was confused about were to read or what to study. She biked to church again yesterday. All the way up the hill.

The sun is shining and the birds are chirping. Things are going well. Oh, next week its possible I'll be in a new area. We don't find out transfers until Thursday, and transfer day is next Monday.

Have a great week!
Meget Kærlighed,

Elder Burton

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