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Email March 2, 2015

Email March 2, 2015 – Elder Kenneth Wm. Burton

Bunch of Burtons

I forgot to mention a crazy story that happened a couple weeks ago. So we were walking along the street after an appointment one evening. This woman was coming towards us and called out "Er du politi?" or "Are you the police?". Of course we answer no. As she got up to us we could see she was pretty shaken. She started going off about how someone was trying to kill her. She had been visiting someone when he came at her with a club, which she had taken from him and currently was hidden in her jacket. She continued to say he came at her with a knife, and she showed us this steak knife she had hidden up her sleeve. By now we could smell the alcohol on her so we weren't sure how true her story was, but we walked her to her apartment because she was worried she was being followed. She kicked at her door trying to get her husband to open it for her, but he saw us through the peep whole and also thought we were police, so he wouldn't open up. When she finally got in she went straight over to a tank by the wall and pulled out a huge snake and wrapped it over her shoulders, while she tried explaining to her husband what happened. He didn't seem to believe her. So kind of a weird experience. We left a card and the woman got really excited when she heard we were from our church, saying it must have been meant to be, that we were sent to help her. Which is totally possible. She hasn't called yet like she promised so we may stop by sometime, make sure she's doing all right. 

This last week I've kind of had a cold, I lost my voice on Thursday, really frustrating, makes it hard to talk to people. And that's pretty much my job, talking to people. I remember walking on the street late Thursday evening and saying a silent prayer "God, if it be thy will, help me to receive my voice again that I may preach thy gospel." I was immediately overcome by a strong shiver running through my body. A feeling I've felt on a few occasions when the spirit is very strong. I was filled with a sense of excitement and motivation. I opened my mouth to say something to my companion, the only thing that came out was a rasp that sounded like Golum. I was confused. Why did I feel that way if I wasn't being healed? I realized that it was God showing me that he understood. That he loves me and understands that its not the easiest thing to be walking down cobblestone streets in the dark and rain, sick, unable to talk, with plugged ears unable to hear very well. Trying to talk to people who would rather talk about anything else but God. But he appreciated it. And I was filled with joy. I am so grateful for a loving heavenly father. I know He lives by the power of the Holy Ghost. I am grateful for the opportunity to be here to serve Him. This work is amazing, it changes lives.

Our investigators are doing well. Britte was in Stake conference, some members gave her a ride without us knowing. We found out she is still working for the 14th of March to be baptized, a goal we had set with her, and asked her to pray about, but we hadn't been able to meet with her in the last two weeks to get an answer. She still needs to be taught a few things before then so we will need to be stepping it up to meet more often with her. We're going to ask her to try bearing her testimony next Sunday, maybe not that the church is true but what blessings she's seen come from Christs gospel. She hasn't yet seen an answer, but she really wants to find out the church is true like all the members do. We gave her the Seek Learning By Faith talk by Elder Bednar at stake conference for her to read.

I hope everyone's doing well, I'll keep Gordon in my prayers.

Meget Kærlighed!

Elder Ken Burton

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