Monday, March 30, 2015

Email March 30, 2015

Email March 30, 2015 – Elder Kenneth Wm. Burton

Bunch of Burtons

We locked ourselves out of our apartment a few days ago. We both left our keys inside. Elder Parry was trying to do the card trick, sliding a credit card though the door to unlock it, but to no success. So I suggested we try the same thing with our window, we'd actually be able to see through it and see if the card was anywhere close to the lock. Problem is our back widow is on the second story, so I par-cored up the wall onto our balcony to find the window was already unlocked! I never close the window without locking it. A huge blessing! From what I hear a locksmith costs a lot, which we would have had to pay for ourselves.

Its been a great last week. A little more difficult to get into contact with people, but that seems to be how it is every first week of each transfer. Every six weeks people just don't like to be home or answer there phones for one reason or another. Britte came to church though! She's doing well. Still as busy as ever. After church there was food provided because it was Branch Conference. While eating I was talking to Erik a little about temples, because he'll be doing baptisms for the dead for the first time next week. Britte was sitting near us and soon had some great questions about temples. One member pulled out an Ipad and showed Britte some photos and did a great job explaining what temples are and their importance. Isn't it amazing that because of the priesthood that has been restored to the earth we have so many blessings like temple work!? The priesthood is an amazing gift to be able to bless others here on the earth. And its only used for the service of other.
 We have a new investigator named Kent. I cant remember if I mentioned him last week. We met with him again on Wednesday and had a great conversation with him. He's planning on coming to church on the 12th, he has a lot going on Easter weekend. He is very sincere in his study, and wants very much to understand the message. We had asked him to read the introduction to the Book of Mormon and has read through it like four times trying to make sure he understands it well.

Two more bike flats this week. I don't understand how I've gotten so many here in Randers. I believe the number is somewhere around 12. I went the whole first year with not a single bike flat, and now Randers is trying to make up for it. I'm grateful tough that I'll be able to stay here for another transfer, I love this area.

Lone is doing well. Turns out her back wasn't broken but that there is something wrong with the muscle. She has to deal with a lot of different health problems.

A lot of rain the last week. Oh speaking of which, Mom, could you perhaps send me my rain jacket? Its slightly too warm for my coat and will only get warmer, but it will keep raining because that's what Denmark does. It would be nice to have my light rain jacket that I could just carry in my side bag.

Tak! Fortsæt en god uge! 

Meget Kærlighed, Ældste Burton

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