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Email July 11, 2015

Email July 11, 2015 – Elder Isaac Burton

2 Week down

Hey everyone!
 Thanks for all the pictures and emails! Its way nice to here from you! Looks like scout camp was a success. This week has flown by! it seems like last P-day was just yesterday. Its nice that its going fast though cause im super exited to get to Argentina. The 4th of July was fun! we had a devotional where one of the branch presidents here at the MTC spoke. Then we were able to watch the fireworks from BYU's stadium of fire. IT was way cool, and made me realize that I haven't seen fireworks like that for like 4 years cause I've always been at camp. So it was fun to see them. Sunday night we had a devotional where Jenny Oaks Baker, the famous violinist and daughter of Elder Oaks came and spoke and played for us. Her kids also played with her which was cool. IT was really neat to feel the spirit so strong as she played. She is very talented. The rest of the week has just been filled with learning Spanish, teaching investigators, and building our own testimonies. It has been awesome! The MTC really is a special place. You can feel the spirit here constantly and you can really feel in during lessons with investigators. Teaching investigator is way fun and hard. Especially since I'm still not even close to being fluent in Spanish. But its cool to feel the spirit bring words to your mind as you teach and its amazing to feel how the spirit works no matter what language you are speaking in even if you don't understand that language very well. The district ahead of us (Jackson Meyer is in the district) is leaving for the field on Monday, so then itll just be my district till the next week when we get 50 new missionaries! so we;ll have like 60 missionaries in our zone and my district will be the only one with any experience here. So it'll be fun t o teach all of them the ropes. 

So i found out that my mission has been split and the boundaries are way different now. It is about a third of the size it was before and is not on the ocean at all. But the awesome thing is that not the Buenos Aires Temple is in my mission!! So thats gonna be super nice! we also have a lot less of the big city and suburbs of Buenos Aires. A lot of our mission is now the country and farmland so that should be fun. I cant wait to get there and see it all for myself.
The spirit is so strong here and the lessons are amazing! everyday i fell like i'm more in tune with the spirit and closer to my brother Jesus Christ. This church is true and I love it with all my heart. I cant wait to teach these things to the people of Argentina!
Talk to you next week.

Love, Elder Burton

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