Saturday, July 4, 2015

Email July 4, 2015

Email July 4, 2015 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton

Hey everyone!
     So it turns out that my P-Day is on saturday while here in the MTC so thats when i'll be writing my emails. The MTC is awesome! They really baptize you with fire here which is a little crazy but its awesome too! You are immediately thrown into the MTC life and in our first our teacher spoke nothing but spanish. It was crazy but way fun too. So before I was dropped off at the mtc we met an elder on the temple grounds who happened to be going to the same mission as me! turns out that he is my companion! kinda cool that we got to meet before we were even in the MTC! His name is Elder Batson and he's awesome! he's a little quiet but he's really good at spanish and hes a great teacher! I have and will continue to learn a lot from him. My district is way cool too! there are ten of us, 4 of whom are going to the same mission as me, 4 who are going to another mission in Argentina, and 2 who are going to a spanish speaking mission in texas. We all get along super well though and are already great friends after only three days. The first few days here have felt super long! I think its just cause we aren't really used to the schedule yet. Each day goes by a little faster than the last though which is good. Spanish is hard and it feels like we are learning slow but then I remember that I've only been here for three days and I'm amazed at how much i already know. I'm excited to see where we are at in 6 weeks. Yesterday we taught our first lesson to a mock investigator in spanish. It was pretty rough...but it taught us really well who far we have to go and how hard we'll have to work to get there. I have such a desire to learn right now!tin my life have i wanted to learn so badly and felt so happy while doing it. It's an amazing feeling. I want so badly to learn spanish and to be able to really teach effectively with it. I know that that will happen, I just need to keep working at it. The food here is really good! I haven't been eating as much as i expected I would though so thats probably a good thing. Preach my Gospel is such an awesome book! Id never really thought about it before but it is written by the prophet and apostles. That shows exactly what a great book it is. It literally has everything you need as a missionary. One thing that has been a major focus here so far is learning our purpose. It is is super simple. Our purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ. So that is our focus and that is what we are learning to do. I love you all and hope to ear from you soon! I hope everything is well at home.

Love, Elder Burton

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