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Email July 27, 2015

Email July 27, 2015 - Elder Kenneth William Burton

Bunch of Burtons

Well turns out I'll be staying here in Horsens after all. With Elder Porter, which will be nice. For the most part on my mission I've only been with my companions for one transfer. I think Elder Porter will be my fourth that I have had for two. Whereas he's just the opposite, I think he's only had a few companions who he has only been with for one. Interesting how that works. The Lord has a different plan for each of us, but in a way it just shows how much he truly loves us. There are how many missionaries out in the world now and he cares where I am serving. This is where he wants me to be right now, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to keep serving him here. 

Our district is barely changing at all. Sister Wright and Elder Sulivan are heading home, then Sister Mann who is already serving in our district in Aarhus is transferring here to Horsens to take Sister Wrights place. So we're only getting two new out of eight. 

Isn't change great?! We move forward into new circumstances with the opportunity to learn and grow. To become more than we were and continue doing good. 

Great quote from our friend Rafael: "Moments are like chloroform, they evaporate really fast." Time flies.

Speaking of Rafael, we sat down to teach a lesson yesterday, and again, ended up being taught. We had given him Alma 32 to read and study. He read through it twice, first in English and then Polish, and then he took notes in his phone and listed verses that stood out to him that he wanted to discuss. He explained humility in a new light. We all know the idea of having a glass to catch the water that a speaker is giving. Sometimes we come with a small glass and the speaker or teacher has a huge bucket of water so we don't catch all that we could have. Or the opposite, we come expecting to receive a lot but the speaker comes prepared with a small cup to give. At times we also come with a full cup, full of pride, thinking we already know everything. And because of that we cant learn anything more. We need to remain humble, acknowledging  that we have room to learn and improve, and then we will. 

This next week we will be filming a documentary with Rafael about our missions here. He's made a few similar videos for his university and has been wanting to do one of us for a while, and we'll finally be starting tonight. Rafael feels to be "clean" enough to make this with us he needs to live more like we do. So he this morning and for the next week he has started doing everything he can to live as a missionary. Woke up at 6:30, exercised for half an hour. Is going without coffee and tea. Studying from the scriptures each day. We gave him a White Hand Book with all the missionary rules and he read through most of it last night and wants to go for it. Kind of interesting, but exciting, I hope he sees the blessings come from living commandments such as the Word of Wisdom. That he will see the seed grow. 

We found a family this week from Romania that we will be teaching! In the area that the bishop promised we would find families to teach! #fulfillingprophecy. We have an appointment with them tomorrow so hopefully that goes well. 

Oh, happy Christmas in July! We celebrated it with Christmas music and no-baked cookies. I invite everyone to watch the He is the Gift video the church made for last Christmas, I had forgotten how great its message was. It defiantly is something we should remember more often. Christ is the greatest gift God has given to us. He is Gods son, our savior and redeemer. 

I love you all! Thanks for the pictures! 
MKH, Elder Burton

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