Monday, July 13, 2015

Email July 13, 2015

Email July 13, 2015 – Elder Kenneth William Burton

Bunch of Burtons

Hey everyone! Its crazy how busy five hours of service makes things. We're doing service a tone right now because of President O´Bryants suggestion last week when we met him. We've been seeing a lot of good come out of it as well.

In preparation for our zone training this next week President O'Bryant has asked us to study Peter's life, watching for ways his courage was strengthened throughout the New Testament. I started this morning and I'm enjoying it a lot. I've noticed multiple times now mentions of Peter forsaking his own will, leaving something behind and following the Savior in obedience to a commandment. The story when Christ commands Peter to drop the nets again and Peter responds that he has already been doing so all day with no success stands out to me. He had been out all day working hard doing everything he knew how to do in order to catch fish. "Nevertheless" he went out again in obedience and caught too many to keep. His desire to follow the Savior helped him have the patience to continue to endure to the end. To keep going, and not give up. Christ then calls him to be a fisher of men and he forsakes his nets a goes. 

I was pondering over what it means to be a fisher. A fisher is patient, knowing well that any wrong move could scare the fish away from the nets he must wait patiently, steadily. A fisher is humble, not the most impressive of occupations. He's not the most wealthy, he's dirty and wet from the ocean spray. He continues day after day relying upon the bounty of the sea as his daily bread. A fisher is wise, he must be observant and knowledgeable in water craft, in his tools, and in the movement of fish in the surrounding waters. He must act in accordance with so many variables in order to catch each day. A fisher is determined, he is strong mentally and physically in order to survive the cold winds and challenges at sea, and continue through to reach his goal. These are all Christlike attributes we are commanded to grow in are call as fishers. As members of Christs church we are asked to forsake our nets, our own desires and wishes and we're asked to be fishers of men, as Peter was.

Mitch came to church! We still hadn't been in contact with him all week, we were worried he was in the hospital or something. Turns out he was just sleeping a lot. He ended up walking to church yesterday on his own, walking into the priesthood meeting late. It was great to see him there! He wasn't able to stay for very long, again because he was going to visit his kids, but we were able to set an appointment for this Wednesday.

A lot of rain this week. And a lot of biking in it. Feels like November weather not July, its a good thing I like November.

I hope your all having a great summer!


Elder Burton

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