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Bunch of Burtons

Great week.... as always. "The miracles and angels are still here". Its amazing to see the Lord preparing His children to accept His gospel. We've found a few new people this last week who are wanting to learn more! We have a few first lessons set up for later today that we're excited for. 

I'm so grateful for the guidance of the Holy Ghost. Without his help none of this would be possible. We were able to have a great district meeting this last week that I feel was needed. Focusing on those talents and abilities that the Lord has given us. To often we focus on just what we need to do, what we need to change, where we need to be. All of which is important. But we forget about the gifts we do have, and what we have become. We are in specific areas at specific times for a reason. The talents we have are to be used to bless those around us. We have so many amazing missionaries in our district right now, and we're all so different! Rather than striving all after applying the same thing we need to be applying the gifts we have been given by God. "Beginning where we're at", I believe is how it was said in Conference. Starting with the testimony we have now and building upon it. Starting with the things we already know how to do, or that we already to well. 

I was finally able to see the last session of Conference. So many great talks! I loved the invitations Elder Durrant extended .... save money each week, and ponderize a verse of scripture each week. He promised so many blessings! I hope everyone feels as excited as I do about ponderizing the scriptures. If not I invite you to ponder over the impact that it can have upon your life as well as those around you. Jack, Brig, Sam, Gus, Boston, and Boon... imagine how effective you will be as missionaries when you have ponderized a verse of scripture every week for the years leading up to when you leave on missions. You will know the scriptures inside and out, as well as it will help build your own testimonies and help you come closer to the Holy Ghost. Elder Durrant said, "As you reflect on your selected verse each week, words and phrases will be written on your heart. Words and phrases will also be written on your mind. In other words, memorization will take place easily and naturally. But the primary goal of ponderizing is to provide an uplifting place for your thoughts to go - a place that keeps you close to the Spirit of the Lord." 

I love when he explained it as a "goal to elevate our thoughts and bring us closer to Christ." I know in my own scripture study I've seen my testimony grow. The very act of scripture study is an act of faith and in so doing our faith grows. It may be hard but "hard can be good." 

This principle is easy to see in an athletic perspective, in order for a muscle to grow it requires hard work. In order to become a good runner, wrestler, basket ball player... you must do the hard work in order to achieve your goal. Hard indeed is good. One can even look at it by saying, in order to have a clean room, one must put in the hard work to keep it so. In order to pass a test or learn a subject ones mind must be strained in study and application.  

This new goal I have set for myself, I know may be hard, because I have tried similar things before. But I felt the Holy Ghost testify that will protect us in the times to come, and strengthen against the fiery darts and temptations that we fight against. 

I love the promise he finishes his talk with. "I promise you will not regret writing a verse of scripture on your mind and heart each week. You will experience a feeling of perpetual spiritual purpose, protection, and power." 

This week my scripture is Matthew 7:24-25, it teaches that those who do the teachings of Christ will build upon a rock. A rock of protection. I started yesterday and already have found the scripture helpful in focusing my mind and reminding me to act in faith and obedience.

Whats your scripture? 

It's good to hear your all doing well!

Meget Kærlighed,
Elder Burton 

And Happy Birthday Sam! Boston! Boone! 

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