Monday, October 5, 2015

Email October 5, 2015

Email October 5, 2015 – Elder Kenneth William Burton

Bunch of Burtons

There was such a great feeling about this week. I know God is looking after us here. It was so nice to have conference this last weekend. Those are inspired men, and I am so grateful for the lives they have lived that they can be in such a position as to receive revelation from God for His church. I feel like I was more prepared for this conference than I have been before. Thoughts and feelings had been coming together for a while, piecing together the desires of my heart. Bringing to mind questions I have and inspiration I desired to seek after. You know your on the right track when the prophet quotes a scripture that has been on your mind for a week, and then helps you come to understand it a bit better. I do not know the details to Gods plans, but I do feel the direction he is wanting me to go.

Isn't faith incredible? A power of action. So many good things were taught this weekend, I haven't yet been able to piece them all together. 

Some of the themes that stood out to me was faith, the Holy Ghost, and simplicity. I love that our family theme before I left was SIMPLIFY and yesterday there were multiple talks that referred to keeping our faith and our lives simple. 

Ahhh... I've been sitting here thinking about conference and all the things I've learned and now I'm basically out of time.

This last week we had a great time on Wednesday when we brought the whole district in to Horsens for a mass finding. Together we found I believe 13 or 14 potential people to teach. So now Elder Curnow and I have a bit more to our pool we can work with. For some reason the finding has been slow recently, steady, but slow. This boost should pick things up again. I'm excited to d

I want to say Thank You! To my parents! As Bradley D. Foster said "Parents are miracle workers". Thank you so much Mom and Dad! Thank you for your temple marriage, for the covenants you made and are keeping! Thank you for following the promptings of the Holy Ghost each day. I can now see his hand in all the lessons you teach me! Thank you for your love! Your support. For carrying me when I could not carry myself. For laughing with me. For teaching me the meaning of work. For teaching me of faith. For teaching me of Christ.

Meget Kærlighed,

Elder Burton

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