Monday, October 19, 2015

Email October 19, 2015

Email October 19, 2015 - Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton
Week of intercambios and tacos

Another great week here in Argentina! This week I was able to do two divisions in a row with some elders in my district in my area which was super fun. Since it was in my area I got to lead out and plan everything and I think it went super well. The intercambio on tuesday was with an elder named Elder Romero and he is from Buenos Aires. He is in our mission right to to wait for his visa to mexico. He´s only been out on his mission for 4 weeks so that was kinda fun for us to kinda figure things out together. He taught me a lot about Argentina and ways to interact beter with the people here which was very nice. We were able to set a baptisimal date with an investigator named Agustin who is an 8 year old boy and none of his family are members of the church. His aunt is a member though so thats who we met him and started giving the lessons. He seems super interested though in the gospel and is picking things up really quickly. We set a date for the 14 of november and he should make it as long as he starts coming to church with his aunt. So we´ll see how things go. My Intercamio on wednesday was with Elder Sayez from Barcelona, Spain. He´s been out for 9 months. Wednesday night we got hit with this huge rainstorm and we were soaked within seconds. All the streets were basically just rivers which was super cool. It was probably the hardest rainstorm I´ve ever been in, it was awesome. 

On saturday night my comp and I hosted a ward activity that was super fun. We made tacos for the whole ward which was a lot of work but super fun and they turned out great. We also made some guacamole with jalapaneos that we bought at Walmart (yeah they have walmart here, it´s pretty different though and super expensive). The guac was kinda spicy but not bad at all, but to the argentines it was terrible haha. It was pretty funny to watch them try it. We also played some games and had a little spiritual thought. It was a pretty succesful activity I think, evern though we didnt get as many people to come as we wanted.

I hope everyone is doing well at home! I love you all, have a great week!

Love, Elder Burton

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