Monday, October 12, 2015

Email October 12, 2015

Email October 12, 2015 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton
First interviews

Argentina is so weird, they randomly have these little tiny holidays on mondays and fridays that causes like every store and shop to be closed. They are´nt even for anything specific, theyre just days created so that people can get days off of work. Today is one of those days so we spent most of the morning trying to find a ciber that was open so we could email. We finally found one though that is way nicer than the one we usually use, it´s also like 30 minutes away from our areas but thats alright. Gotta love these argentines though :)

Maria didn´t end up making her baptismal date this week which was sad. She ended up having to work and so we couldn´t do the interview with her. We´re trying to set a new date with her for the 24 of this month. As long as we can find some time for the interview before then then she should make it. We´ll see how things go. 

On Friday we had Interviews with president whcih was super cool! Our president is seriously the best, I´ve never met anyone who knew more about the gospel. You can ask him literaly any question about the gospel and he has an answer pretty much. I´ve heard that you can read to him any random verse from any of the scriptures and he can tell you exactly what chapter of what book it is found in. Pretty crazy, he pretty much has all the standard works memorized. I guess thats what happens when you teach institute at BYU for thirty years. He´s also just really relaxed and gets along with people super easily which is nice casue it makes interviews fun. FOr these interviews he had us prepare by reading and studying some verses from the end of Alma about the sons of helaman. He wanted us to look for conections between faith and obedience. What I learned is that the sons of helaman were exactly obedient because of their faith. If you truly have faith in God and Jesus Christ and trust them to know what is best for you then you will not hesitate in the slightest bit to be exactly obedient ´to their comandments and teachings. Like it says in James, faith without works is dead. Obediance is a work of our faith. When we are obedient we act on our faith and show God our love for him. And when we do this God strenthes us and we can do things that we never thought possible. I love the topic of faith and works, theres so much to it and it´s such a big part of this gospel. I also think it´s neat that the way the sons of helaman gained their incredible faith was becasue they listened to the words and the teachings of thier mothers. Just goes to show what an incridible influence mothers have, thanks mom.

We spent a lot of the week visiting old investigators to try to find some new people for us to teach. Because of that we have 4 posible new investigators that we have appointments with next week. Two of which, a husband and wife, are pastors for an evangelic church. Should be pretty interesting to teach them, Im excited. Also this week I went on intercambios with an elder named elder Sapp who finishes his mission in two months. He´s a good elder and I learned some good things from him about ways to study and things. It was a fun intercambio.

I hope everyone is doing well back home. I love you all! Have a great week!

Love, Elder Burton

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