Monday, August 22, 2016

Email August 22, 2016

Email August 22, 2016 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton
Stick shift in Argentina

Wow, what a crazy crazy day. Today we had transfers and we kind of experimented with a new way to move the missionaries. Before what we did was that all the missionaries who had chances would get picked up by a rented car and all meet up in the mission offices. Then from there they would get with their new comp and head out in a car to their new area. It worked well but it was super expensive to do and took a lot of time. So today we changed it. Now a car picks up a missionary and takes him directly to his new pench where that same car picks up the missionary in that pench and takes him to his new area. So the cars just have a route to do and that's it. A ton cheaper and way faster. So today was the first go with it and it got kinda crazy. First off, part of the plan was that two of the office elders would help move people with the office truck and My comp and I also with President's car. But unfortunately on Friday the Office car broke down so they couldn't do their part. So this morning at 6:00, My comp and I went to Capital to pick up a new car. And then we spent the rest of the day driving all around the mission moving missionaries. Long day jaja, but it all worked out, we got it al done! ANd now we know what we need to change and improve for next time. But It was so fun being able to drive all day! After a 14 months of not touching a steering wheel, it was awesome. And stick shift too, that was a little rusty at first. Especially with the crazy argentine drivers. But I got the hang of it after a whole and it turned out great. 

Well, I don't have a ton to write. The last week was just filled with preparing for transfers and for Elder Packer who comes next week. He'll be here for three days. I´ll have the great opportunity to direct one of the meetings and to also have a interview with him. I´m super excited, It's gonna super awesome.

Well, I hope everyone has a great week! Thanks for everything! Have fun back in school!

Les quiero, Elder Burton

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