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Email August 8, 2016

Email August 8, 2016 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton
A gospel of happiness

Wow what a crazy, incredible week! I had one of the best moments of my life this week that I will never forget. There is a lady in Lanús named Ines. Her daughter was baptised 3 years ago and Ines also wanted to be baptised but wasn´t able to for a few reasons.So for the last three years Ines has atended church with her daughter even though she´s not a member. She is now basically a member, just not officially because she's not baptised. About two weeks ago Elder Ginatto and I decided to talk to president about her situation and he gave permission for her to be baptised. On tuesday we had the amazing opportunity to tell Ines that she could finally be baptised after 3 years of waiting. I have never seen someone so happy in my life as Ines was in that moment. She literaly was crying, laughing, yelling, and shaking all at the same time. The spirit was so so strong, the pure joy was just spilling out all over the place. In that moment the spirit put into my mind the words of my patriarchal blessing that say that during my mission I will see the joy that the gospel of Jesus Christ brings to people. I felt that promise fulfilled. It was one of the best moments of my life, I can´t even explain it. As we left, the member who was with us reminded us of the scripture in Alma 26:16  when Ammon talks about the joy he received from his mission service. That scipture holds true for me. 

On wednesday we had leadership council. It was super awesome, we talked a ton about goals and how we are not focusing enough in good goals in the mission. We made some plans to improve. After we finished the council we were all standing around talking and President beckoned be to follow him. I followed him into a room in the church where we sat down to talk. At this point I was super confused about what was going on. President asked me how I was doing and then looked at me with a very knowing look and said, "Elder Burton, how is your worthiness?" Thats when I really got scared haha. I looked at him in the eyes and said " Perfect President, Why?" He then laughed and told me he was just kidding, and that I should´t be nervous. He then when on to explain that the Lord had chosen me to be his new assistant because one of the current assistents will be going home in two weeks.

So yeah, I´m not in Lanús anymore with Elder Ginatto, yesterday afternoon the assistants, came and picked me up to take me back to my old ward Banfield 2. Only now I´m on the other side. For the next two weeks I´ll be in a trio with Elder Pribyl and Elder Maldonado so that they can train me on what to do. They´re both super cool, way good missionaries, I´m excited to be with them. I know I´m gonna learn a ton. Elder Pribyl is from California and will finish his mission in two weeks. Elder Maldonado is from Chili and has 21 months in the mission, so he´ll be my comp for the next few months. He used to be my district leader, so we´re good friends, it´s gonna be super fun :) Also I found out that in a few weeks Elder Packer from the quorum of  the 70 is coming to visit the mission and train us. I´ll have the chance to do an interview with him which should be super cool.

So yeah that´s my new assignment in the mission. Kinda crazy, I definitely don´t feel up for the job, but I know God will always be with me to help. It´s gonna be fun :) We´ll see how it all goes. Oh, and my pench is awesome! I live on the 9th floor of this super nice buiding with an incredible view of the city. It´s sweet :)

Well I hope you all have a great week, thanks for all you do!

Les quiero, Elder Burton

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