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Email August 1, 2016

Email August 1, 2015 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton
Interviews with Pres. Calquin

Wow what a week! We started it off on tuesday having our first interviews with President Calquin. And wow haha. I don´t think I´ve ever left an interview feeling so humbled and excited to change the way I do things. The interview was competly opposite of how our old president did them but it was awesome. We did a little practice of a street contact and I learned a ton. When I contacted him I started off by explaining that I´m a missionary from the church of jesus christ and what we do, things like that. The basic, simple contact that has been ground into every missionary. I had only been into the contact for about 15 seconds when he just stopped me and said "ok thats enough". Then he went on and told me to throw contacts like that out the window cause thats not how we would be doing them anymore. He then contacted me to give an example of how he wants it to be done. He started off by stating that he was a representative of Jesus Christ, and then began imediatly to testify of the savior and the blessings recieved from his gospel. He explained that we should never do a contact saying that we are just missionaries because we are so much more than that. We are representatives of Jesus Crist and thats how we must present ourselves if we want other people to know it. And imediately after you must testify of him so that the person can feel the spirit that we carry.
So this week my comp and I have really been trying to put that in practice. And it´s made a huge difference. People really do receive us diferently. 

An example of this was a man named Alberto that we found. We contacted him in his house did what president showed us. He recieved us in his home and we taught a great lesson to him, his daughter, and grandaughter. The spirit was very stong, tears were shed. At the end we were able to set baptism dates for the three of them for the 20th of August. And Alberto came to chuch on sunday too! He´s a great man and reqally wants to follow God. I´m excited to see who things go. With him on track for his baptism we now have 5 people that are preparing to be baptized in August. A huge blessing. I´m thankful that President Calquin recieves such great inspiration to help us have more success in this work.

Well, theres a lot more that happened this week but I don´t have time to write it all. Thanks for everything that you all do, I hope you have a great week!

Les quiero, Elder Burton

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