Saturday, August 1, 2015

Email August 1, 2015

Email August 1, 2015 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton
Got travel plans!!!

Hey Everyone!
      We got our travel plans yesterday!! So we head for the airport at 8:30am on august 10th! At 1:50pm we get on a plane that will take us to the Atlanta Georgia airport. We'll land there at about 7:45 pm. We have about a two hour layover and then we get on a plane that leaves at 10:00 pm and flies through the night to Buenos Aires Argentina!! We'll arrive in Buenos aires at about 9:10am Argentina time, which is three hours ahead of time here in utah. Our Mission president will meet us at the airport and then we're off to work I guess. I can't wait!! Geting travel plans makes me super excited and makes it finally feel real that I;m actually going to Argentina. It's gonna be awesome.

I had a pretty funny experience with one of my investigators this week. He is really just one of our teachers but he was role playing to be a man named marcos from Paraguay. It actually feels pretty real when we teach him which is cool. We had just given him a lesson about the plan of salvation and then proceeded to invite him to church. He accepted the invitation but said he didnt know where the church was so. So I tried to tell him that we would meet him at his house and then take him to church from there. But I accidentally mixed up the word "to take" which is "tomar" with the word "tocar" which means to touch...  Marcos and my companion both burst out laughing when I said it but i had no idea what i had done. Finally my companion told me that instead of saying "we will take you to church" I instead said "we will touch you at church" yeah....not the best thing to say to an investigator haha... we got a good laugh out of it though and I learned a good lesson from it. It was pretty funny :)  I obviously have a long way to go with the language. Also this week we had the opportunity to skype a member of the church named Jemina who lives in Buenos Aires Argentina. It was one of the scariest things I've ever done. I thought I had been doing okl with the language but I could hardly understand a work she said! me and my companion spend most of the time just asking her to repeat what she said slower. It was pretty sad. She just laughed at us the whole time. She was super nice though and did a good job putting up with us. It was definitely a ton harder than we though, hopefully she still felt the spirit a little though from our short message. It was a really good experience because it showed us how far we still have to go. And it made us both a little nervous that in 9 days we'll be in Argentina and we probably wont be able to understand a thing. It's gonna be so awesome though, I honestly cant wait! As long as we work hard and put our faith in Christ then we'll be fine and we'll be speaking the language just fine before we know it.

It's been an awesome week! I feel like my testimony and my excitement to share the gospel grows everyday. There's nothing else in the world that I'd rather be doing right now. Also, today I will be getting my first haircut ever by someone other than my mom, so that should be interesting. Thanks mom for all the great haircuts, I'll let you know how this one goes :) I love you all, have a great week!!

Love, Elder Burton

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