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Email August 17, 2015 - Ken

Email August 17, 2015 – Elder Kenneth William Burton

Bunch of Burtons

Well I got an x-ray on my wrist and found out its not broken. But about two minutes ago the hospital called and said they found something else in the scan that they want to investigate a little more.... so I guess we'll find out. It feels a lot better than it did. It only causes problems now if I put a lot of weight on it. But its not broken so that's good!

Hjarnø is becoming a great place for missionary work. Its a little island in the Horsens fjord where we decided a few weeks ago we could do some finding. A few weeks ago we found a man named Jens, I believe I told his story, he's the one we started out by serving and then I ripped my pants. Well last week we were out there again to visit him and as we were walking to his home a van pulled over with a bunch of teenage boys in the back. The driver rolls down the window smiling and waves us over. I immediately recognized him but couldn't remember where from. He mentioned he was working there on the island at a school and we could stop by later to come and talk with him. Then he drove off, and we were standing there still confused trying to figure out where I knew him from. Elder Porter had never met him. 

After our lesson with Jens we stopped by this small "after school" kind of like a boarding house type thing. Where the kids can come and live there for the semester and study, but also to learn life skills. We found this guy and he sat us down and we started talking. All of a sudden it clicked and I remembered Elder Reber and I had talked with him and a few of his friends in the centrum a few months ago. They were all from Turkey and had a tent set up on the street for a culture festival. At the time he had really wanted to come visit the church and now we found out its because as a teacher he teaches about different religions and he wants to bring his students to the church to see what its like. So we're working with him to find a time that we could give his class a tour and teach them what it is we believe. So that should be fun. What are the chances though of running into him clear in the middle of no where. We were even walking on a dirt road when he drove past.

Continuing on the island we found two other people that day who have invited us back to do some yard work next Thursday. We've began using offering service as a finding tool more. Offering service to get to know people and show them our love and then begin sharing with them that witch will help them the most, the gospel. "No body cares how much you know until they know how much you care." We've seen that with Jens, as well as many other people in the last month or two. It may be a little slower, working into the teaching, but I've seen it to be a sure way to do so. It doesn't work for every situation, but it does a lot of good. We average about five hours of service each week.

So good news their switching around our church scheduled so that sacrament meeting will be first. Its been the last meeting ever sense I've been here, and it makes it hard to get investigators to sacrament. For example with Jan, because of his sickness he has a hard time staying for more than an hour, but if that is the first hour then he misses out on the sacrament. And its hard for him right now to get out the door on his own and we cant pick him up to come only to the third meeting. But because sacrament meeting will be first we'll be able to get a ride with him, and help him come, and also if he does have to leave after its not as big of a deal. Jan has told us that he's not going to stop trying. He wants to come, his schizophrenia gets in the way a lot of time though.

I've been studying the topic "submitting to the will of the father" in preparation for our mission conference this next week. I've noticed and have been impressed with Nephi, first in his willingness to obey the Lord in all things, but also in his ability to recognize and act on the promptings of the spirit. There was the prompting to slay Laban, when Nephi "was constrained by the Spirit" where Nephi really was tested to act on his promise "to go and do the things which the Lord commandeth." And later when the Lord said to him "stretch fourth thine hand...unto thy bretheren, and ...I will shock them." Nephi lived in a way that he would be close to the Holy Ghost, that he could fulfill his promise to always obey the Lord. He knew he needed the Lords help "to accomplish the thing [the Lord] commandeth", and so he lived in a way that he could receive that help. Then he continued forward in obedience.

It is my desire to be worthy of the constant guidance of the Holy Ghost, that I can submit to the will of the father. And I know God does indeed provide a way.

Meget Kærlighed,
Elder Kenneth Burton

p.s. fun fact... Kenneth is a popular Danish name. Its just pronounced with a silent h so Kennet.

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