Monday, August 24, 2015

Email August 24, 2015

Email August 24, 2015 – Elder Isaac K. Burton
Semana 2 en Argentina!!

We had 2 baptisms this last saturday! First baptisms of my misson and it was super aweome! One was for a boy named Matias who is 8 years old. He has an uncle who lives with him that is a member, he´s a preist in our ward. It´s his uncle who baptised him which was cool. Matias is aweome, he´s just got tons of energy and loves to have fun. I still can't understand most of what he says so he spends most of his time with  me teaching me new spanish words one syllable at a time haha. It´s pretty funny. Also him adn his younger sisters love to play rock paper scissors with me which is fun too, we do that a lot. Matias´s grandma just decided that she would start taking the lessons from us though, we´re excited about that. Hopefuly someday the whole family will be interested. The other baptism was for a girt named Lutmila who is 9 years old. She has a few members of her family who are members but no preisthood holders so I was able to baptise her which was an aweome expeirience! It felt way different than doing baptisms for the dead but at the same time it was the same. I really enjoyed it and I could tell Lutmila was super happy. It was neat. It definitly makes me want to find more people to teach so that we can bring them to be baptised. IT really is a wonderful covenant that we make. We promise to remember God and obey him and in return he promises to allways be with us. Thats quite a blessing to always have him with us. I love having that knowledge.
     Most of the week leading up to the baptism we visited lots of ward members to invite them to come to the baptism. It worked prety well cause we had a decent showing at it. The day of the baptism we had to spend the whole day at the church to get everything ready. We had to scrub teh font and fill it up and clean all the rooms we would be using. It tood most of the day, but it was actually kinda fun. The font was pretty gross though and apparently it´s tradition for the new missionary to clean it so it was all on me. But it wasn´t that bad.
     We have this investigator named Lucus who we´ve met with a few times now. He´s had a rough life. Just tons of health problems. Right now he has cancer and a bunch of tumors in his abdomen. It´s pretty bad, he showed them to us. Yesterday we met with him again and he told us he´d gotten bad news from the doctor. I don´t unerstand exactly whats going on but I guess the tumors are casuing lots of problems and over the next little while he´s probably gonna lose the use of his legs. So yeah, he´s having some rough times. I think I´m gonna ask him if he wants a blessing this week, it could made all the difference. Lucas has two daughters and a wife. He said that right now he´s basically trying to do just work hard so that his daughters know that he spent his life working through his trials instead of just laying in bed all day and being controled by them. I admire that, I think it´s pretty cool. Last week lucas commited to be baptized though which is awesome! We planed a date for the 19th of next month. I really hope he can make it. WE need to find someone who can take him to church in a car becasue he can´t walk very far. I´ll let you know how it goes. Everytime we teach him though I jsut want his family to be sealed in the temple so badly. Then they could be together forever no mattter what happened. That´s what we taught him about yesterday and he seemed to like the idea. HE said he knows this church is true because he can fel that it is. I really hopw things work out for him.
      I got to give a tald in church yesterday! first talk in spanish so that was fun. It went ok I guess, I had a lot of members tell me that my spanish was good even though I know it was really bad. But at least they could understand. It was a good experience and I actually enjoyed it quite a bit :) That´s basically my week, it´s been awesome! Argentina is crazy and awesome! Something kinda funny, I´ve had three families nic name me vampire haha. I guess my two canine teeth stick out more than what theyre used to and they also think that I look like Edward from the twilight movies haha. I´m not sure if I should take that as a good thing or´s funny though :) Sorry, no pics this week, I forgot to bring my camera adapter. I´ll remember next week. I hope everyone has a great week! I love you all, thanks for everything!

Elder Burton

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