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Email August 3, 2015

Email August 3, 2015 – Elder Kenneth William Burton

Bunch of Burtons

We spent at least an hour each day this last week with our friend Rafael who actually lives two floors under us in our apartment building. He filmed us doing different types of missionary work surrounded around "helping" that's kind of the topic of this documentary he's making "help". He wants to depict us in a way that shows the help and service we do for others and why. It should turn out well. He wrote some great background music that Elder Porter plays on the piano, and I'll be sort of the one speaking throughout it.

On Thursday we biked out and hour and a half to a member who recently moved back into the area, and we spent a few hours helping them with the yard and then they made us a great dinner after. Typical danish meal, potatoes, pork, sauce. I love it! Its amazing how much grease and cream adds. Oh and butter! Butter is great.  Its a good thing on our own Elder Porter and I are trying to eat healthy. We have a pretty good diet plan we're sticking to, with the exception of eating appointments and the weekly Kebab. 

Mom, you asked how many missionaries are here right now, I believe around 90, about twelve less then when I came into the mission. And I believe it may drop a few more over the next year or so.

So I guess I haven't described Horsens very well. There is one ward here with about 70 active members, so not a bad sized ward for Denmark. Not the biggest, not like the Roskilde ward I served in of 150 on average, but its a good size. A lot of families with kids. There are four missionaries serving here two Elders and two Sisters. This is the sister training leader area. We bike a tone. Somewhere between 20 and 40 kilometers a day. Depending on the day. I would like to walk more to talk with more people, but its been hard to work in. We have enough appointments around the city that it would be to slow to walk or bus everywhere. I'm still serving as district leader, which I love. I've been able to get to know the missionaries super well, and I love preparing for our weekly district meetings. I've learned so much about following the spirit, and how he communicates with me. Its also another great opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and keep me on my toes.

This last weeks district meeting went really well I had thought. We had invited Rafael to come be a part of it because he's been trying to live as a missionary this last week and I felt it could help him a lot as well as us. And then he came to church with us on Sunday for the first time!

Well, thanks for the emails and thoughts! I'm sorry I don't have any photos to send, the plan was to clip pictures from the film we made this week, but that hasn't happened yet. I'll let y'all know when it goes on YouTube, or how ever else it is published.

Love, Elder Burton

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