Monday, September 7, 2015

Email September 7, 2015

Email September 7, 2015 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton
Noche de Hogar

On thursday night we had the fun opportunity to have a noche de hogar (family night) with some members of our ward here in Rafael Castillo. It was super fun and I think it turned out great. We showed a few videos, one of which I really like called The Will of God. Its about how God has a plan for us and how sometimes what he knows is best for us is different from what we think is best for ourslves. Gods ways are higher than our ways. Sometimes he lets hard things happen to us or he directs us to a path thats different from what we want. But he always does whats best for us because he loves us and thats why he sent us to this earth. To learn and prepare to meet him again. He knows the best way to do that. I think its important that we always remember that and as it says in Mosiah 3:19 that we alwasy submitt to his will. The video brought the spirit into the family night really well and we had a good lesson out of it. Afterwards we played a game and ate food. I´ve decided that cake here in Argentina is way better than cake in America. It´s delicious here, I don´t really know what the difference is though. 

We´ve been trying to find new investigators this week but we haven´t had much success yet. Hopefully next week will yeild some results. Lucas stopped meeting with us this week for some reason, we still dont know why. He´s been working a ton lately so we havent been able to find him and talk to him. And we dont have a phone right now so we cant call him. So hopefully we can figure out whats going on there. He was doing so well.

I´ve been studying about faith and hope a bit lately. I always thought that hope and faith were pretty much the same thing. But I´ve learned that thats not true. Faith is believing that God and Christ exist and following their teachings and commandments. Hope is trusting that God will keep his promises and that through the atonement we can gain salvation and eternal life. Hope comes from faith. Faith leads to action and hope that the things we are doing in this life and in the gospel are true and that we will be blessed for doing those things. It says in Ether that hope is our anchor. Hope is what keeps us solid and strong in the gospel so that the influences of the world cant move us. I think thats a pretty good analogy. It´s a pretty fun topic to study, its super interesting and yet so basic.

It´s been a good week. It´s starting to warm up which is nice. We have a zone activity today where we´ll be playing fútbol which should be fun. I´m terrible at it but I´m getting better slowly and its still way fun. My companion has been trying to teach me the basics. We´ll see if it helps. I hope everyone has a great week!

Love, Elder Burton

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