Monday, September 28, 2015

September 28, 2015

Email September 28, 2015 – Elder Kenneth William Burton

Bunch of Burtons

This weeks been crazy for some reason. We've just been all over the place. Having a solid weekly planning certainly makes a difference.

We traveled down to Copenhagen Thursday evening for Elder Curnow's One Month Meeting. And we had the opportunity of going through the temple. Something I haven't been able to do in almost a year. It was a great experience, its amazing the spirit that is in that holy place.

On the long train ride back we started a conversation with a woman sitting across from us who is an actor in Odense. I've had a lot of rejections, but it had been a while sense someone had really tried to challenge my faith. It caught me off guard at first, I would try and answer a question only to realize she had no knowledge or belief in God. Zero. And because of it I could not explain to her in a way she would understand why I felt the way I did. All I could do in the end was testify what I believed. She was friendly enough, and the conversation stayed on a good course, I was just taken aback by how bold she was. I believe in the end we did cause her to think, to ponder, I love inspired questions that bring about a searching heart. She promised us she would look up General Conference this next weekend. I hope she does, it may open her heart a little more. 

Its interesting the promptings the Lord gives. Most of the time they are difficult to see as promptings until later. And in some circumstances one comes to wish they had payed more attention and had followed the prompting earlier. The last week an idea came to mind, I can't remember where from, to try a mass finding day, where we have the district come together in one area and just find. I wasn't positive if the idea would work, or would even be approved. That's a lot of travel money. Then this morning we just got an email sent out from President O'Bryant saying he wants us to have a Blitz Day, basically to do just that, of having groups of missionaries come together to help out one area that has been struggling finding new investigators. And he wants it done before General Conference. Two thoughts, one, I'm glad to see I had received the same prompting as President, two, I could have acted quicker to have been ready for this announcement. We still have five days to work with, but that's not that much to find a day that works for everyone. We'll see how it goes. I feel strongly though this came from the Lord. His hand is in this work.

On Saturday we changed all of our plans pretty much last minute because we found out a eight year old from Silkeborg was wanting to be baptized and they don't have their own baptismal font, so they would be needing to come here. I guess he was about to turn nine so they wanted to do it before his birthday, and that's why it was so last minute. So we ended up using the day to clean and prep the font. Our friend Mitch was able to come see the baptism so that was good. He had never seen a baptism before and was really wanting to so he canceled a few things he had going on so that he would be able to come.

Crazy, but good. I feel the Lord guiding us the direction he wants us to go, and its exciting to see the work moving forward. Slowly right now, but surely.

Love you all!

Meget Kærlighed,

Elder Burton

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