Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015

Email September 14, 2015 - Elder Kenneth William Burton

Bunch of Burtons

Well, we found a family this last week. For a bit. The Elders in S√łnderborg gave us a referral for a man from Syria who they contacted on a train. We met with him on Tuesday and one of his first questions was if there was a church here he could bring his family to. We gave him the church address and time and he excitedly told us he would see us on Sunday. Ten minutes before church we got a text from him telling us that he had moved and wouldn't be able to come or meet anymore. I guess its difficult for refugees to get settled down in a specific area.

We've finally gotten back with Mitch! We had an appointment with him Saturday morning. And he's going to try to get to church this next Sunday. At the moment though he is focusing a lot on both his health witch is still down, and his kids. So he doesn't have a lot of time to meet. Baptism is still something he plans to work for in the future, but right now he has other priorities. We're going to start doing a bit of family history with him this next week.

Oh, and Rafael is back! He's been in Poland for the last month.  

Some new things are happening in the mission. Two Sister missionaries were just called by President O'Bryant as full time FamilyHistory missionaries. They are working with two committees in the two different stakes here in Denmark to push forward the work through Family History. President O'Bryant feels strongly that the Lord is pushing us in this direction. To use Family History in ways never before used to open hearts and doors to the gospel. Their hope is to call a companionship's in each of the major cities in the near future to serve full time as Family History Missionaries. Way exciting! President O'Bryant is asking us to begin using Family History more in our own efforts and search for what works best. Mom, could you send me a few stories from some of our ancestors? That would be helpful.

We have found a few new people to teach the last week, which is exciting. One was a man who we knocked into, he had recently talked with the Sisters on a train, but at the time had not been too interested. We talked with him a bit and he let us set up an appointment with him for the next week. Two days later on a train back from Aarhus we sat down, I looked over and there he was smiling at me waiting to see if I recognized him. We began a great conversation with him and a young man sitting across from him and afterwards he expressed that he was really looking forward to our meeting, and that he feels like he'll be able to learn a lot. A miracle in itself because our first contact with him he went off about how experienced he is and didn't think we could teach him anything. The second time he was noticeably more humble. The Lord is preparing hearts.

Well, I'm about out of time. I love you all!

Meget Kærlighed,

Elder Burton

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