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Email November 23, 2015

Email November 23. 2015 – Isaac Kenneth Burton
Capilla abierta

I don´t know if any of you remember, but when I first got to this area me and my comp began teaching a man named Lucas. He has cancer super bad, and he was loving the lessons we were teaching him. We had a baptisimal date for him and everything. Then suddenly we couldn´t get ahold of him or find him for the longest time so we had to drop him as an investigator which was super sad. Last sunday during Elders quarumn, we did divisions to visit some less active families. The family we went to visit wasn´t home so I suggested that we stop by the house of Lucas to see if he was home. He had been on my mind lately. So that´s what we did and he was home! He came out and talked to us and said he would like to start taking the lessons again! So this week we had a lesson with him where we gave him a blessing of health and taught about the atonement. We found out that he had still been reading in the book of mormon for those three months that we didn´t teach him. When he coul´nt sleep because of his cancer he would read the Book of Mormon and it would help with the pain. Pretty cool. He has such a strong testimony now. He came to church with us this sunday and after the meeting he asked the bishop if he could share his testimony one day in sacrament meeting. The bishop of couse said yes and explained to him fast and testimony meeting. Pretty cool though that he is already wanting to share his testimony in sacrament meeting after only his first time at church. He really has been prepared to recieve this gospel. He told us the story of how he first came into contact with a missionary. He was in a plaza in a city near hear and a missionary startied talking to him. Lucas told him that he had cancer and in response the missionary gave him a "brazo sincero" sincere hug, and whispered in his ear that God loves him and will help him through his trails. A year later, a week before I got to the mission, my old companion knocked on his door. Lucas remembered the missionry from the plaza and recognized my companion as a missionary from the same chruch. And for that reason he let him in and started taking the lessons. Pretty cool story I think. Lucas has definitely helped stregthen my testimony that the Lord prepares people for us to teach and will lead us to them if we listen. We don´t have a baptisimal date for him yet because he has to get married first which he´s trying to do soon. His wife isn´t to interested in the church yet but his two daughters are. They´re going to start taking the lessons with him this week. 

Also this week we had a "capilla abierto" or open chapel in one of the wards in our zone. Basically we just open up the church and give little tours to people who we bring in off the street. It was great, I was over referals with another elder which was awesome. We ended up getting 44 referals in all which was huge. It should help out that area a ton. It was a fun day and a great way to plant some seeds.

It was a great week here in argentina! I hope everyone has a great week! And Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Les quiero, Elder Burton

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