Monday, November 30, 2015

Email November 30, 2015

Email November 30, 2015 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton
Dia de Gracias!

Antoher great week here in argentina! A little disapointing too though, we were suppused to have a baptism for Maria on saturday but on tuesday she had an accident at work and got a hernia. So she was in the hospital for most of the week and now she´s with her daughter in Capital. So obviosly we weren´t able to do the baptism wich was sad. We still don´t really know too much about when she´s going to be back in the area. Hopefully this week and then be able to do the baptism soon too. We´ll see what happens.

This last wednesday we had a great lesson with Lucas, his two daughter who are 10 and 13 years old are now taking the lessons too which is great. We commited them to be baptised and they all accepted. Lucas needs to get married to his wife first though, and he told us that he wants to get married on his brthday which isn´t until the end of march. So he would have to wait until april to get baptised. We´re going to have a lesson with him this week and try to help him want to get married and baptised sooner. It´s best not to put things like that off, you never know what can happen in 4 months. They also all committed to come to church as an entire family which we were super excited about, but then sunday rolled around and to our disapointment they didn´t show up.  

Thanksgiving was a totaly normal day here in Argentina, they don´t celebrate it which makes sense cause it´s an american holiday. I wanted to do something fun though cause we only get two thanksgiving in the mission, so that night we bought some oreos and milk and had a noche de oreos. Not quite turkey and pie haha, but it was a pretty good treat for us.

My birthday saturday was great! I made pancakes in the morning for me and my comp, Elder Barrantes, and then the rest of the day we had a capilla abierta in Virrey del Pino. It was super succesful too! We recieved 144 referals which is the most any ward in the mission has ever gotten from a capilla abierta. It was great. Also. the whole zone sang "happy birthday" to me which was nice. That night I bought some ice cream to finish off the day. Great day. Thanks Mom for the ballons and candles, I´ll send pics.

It was a great week, my brother Ken has been on my mind a lot, today he is returning home from his mission in Denmark. There is a chapter in Alma, I don´t remember which one, where Alma is talking to one of his sons and basically telling him to shape up. He tells him to follow the example of his older brothers who have been strong and valiant in the gospel. I am so grateful for the example my brother has set for me in his life and his mission. Thanks Ken. I couldn´t be more blessed. 

I hope everyone has a great week, I love you all! 

Les quiero, Elder Burton

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