Monday, November 9, 2015

Email November 9, 2015

Email November 9, 2015 – Elder Isaac Kenneth Burton
First week as trainer!

This week has been awesome! It´s been hard and way different than past weeks but it has been awesome. My new companion who I will be training for the next 3 months is Elder Barrantes from Lima, Peru. He´s 25 years old which is kinda cool and he´s only been a member of the church for 3 years. He is the only living member of the church in his family too.  Pretty cool that he´s out on a mission with only three years of membership. He´s an awesome missionary, tons of energy and love for the work. He has absolutley no fear of talking to people which is awesome and we´ve made more street contacts this week then I ever have before cause my old comp didn´t like contacting much. So yeah, Elder Barrantes is great, his excitment and energy will be fun to work with and I know I´ll learn a ton from him. He speaks a little bit of english but not much which is good. It´s helped my spanish a ton. I have definitly felt the lords help with my spanish this week. There are still a ton of things that I don´t understand, but I understand what I need to and I can say pretty much what I want. 

I think the reason this week was so great for me was becasue I didn´t have anyone to lean on anymore. I realize now how much I´d been leaning on my trainer during lessons and for spanish and things. Now that he´s gone and I´m the trainer I´ve been forced to do a lot more and really step up which has been great. I think I probably made more progress and learned more this last week then any other week so far whith exception to maybe my first week. It´s the same way with anything in life. When we have something to lean on or don´t really puch ourselves, we don´t really improve ourselves at all. It´s during the hard time´s and the challenges that we really bcome better and become more like Christ.

So no baptism this week for Maria. Our zone leaders decided that is was too soon and didnt give her or the ward enough time to prepare. So we set another date for the 28 of this month because she has to work the next two saturdays. That will give us plenty of time to prapare her though which will be nice.

I hope everyone is doing well back home! Have a great week!

Les amo, Elder Burton

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